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Meet financial advisor Mark Josephs

A More Personal Journey

Many of my clients already know what I consider to be the most important part of my story, my parents owning the mom & pop, corner grocery store, Josephs Market, for 38 years on the West Side of St. Paul. Whether they heard about it when I knocked on their door while working at Edward Jones or saw the three minute video on their store that Pat and I lead our retirement planning classes with, they know what has shaped my life and work ethic the most.

My parents worked at that store seven days a week until they were 62 years old, then started taking social security early so they could finally take Sundays off. When they were 70, they took Mondays off too. I tell people this because I want them to know how blessed I think I am to do what I do for a living and why they’ll never hear me complain. I am so fortunate to have the clients that I have and do the work that I do. I love what I do for a living, do NOT take it for granted…and, usually, do NOT work seven days a week. Haha!

I took a rather circuitous route to what I do today. I started out earning a degree in civil engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1995 and used it to join the Navy’s civil engineer corps, nicknamed the “Seabees”, in 1996. I served until 2000, was honorably discharged and decided to make my first career change, joining Goldman Sachs as a controller/financial analyst in 2000. I only worked there for a year before deciding to finally come back home to Minnesota and pursue a graduate degree in business with emphasis on finance and marketing. During my time studying, I got an internship with Honeywell International in Minneapolis in 2002. That turned into a full-time job in marketing and strategy when I graduated in 2003 and I was there until 2007.

I really liked my job at Honeywell, especially the strategic elements of my job, but I didn’t like the constant, unpredictable travel. This especially became a problem for me in 2007 because I had two little boys at home, Jensen and Tyler. I left Honeywell to go work for one of our customers for two years in a more regional role and then made the jump to becoming a financial advisor at Edward Jones Investments in 2009. My theory was that being a financial advisor would allow me to continue to work in strategy, just for individuals and families instead of a big corporation, and I could do it locally.

Those first few years at Edward Jones were a grind.

I often worked seven days a week, much of that time spent walking the streets around my financial planning office in Mendota Heights, rain, snow or shine, introducing myself and my business to my neighbors. It was then that I realized, even though I was working my tail off for very little, that I’d finally found a profession that I loved! Like my dad, I finally owned my own business…well, sort of, I was still an employee of Edward Jones, but the relationships I built with my customers was mine and I loved that!

In 2012, like many of us do in my industry, I switched firms from Edward Jones to Ameriprise Financial and spent eight great years there! While at Ameriprise, I started teaching community education courses on retirement planning on the side and eventually teamed up with Patrick Murphy, who had a desire to do the same. Over the next few years, we started to team up more and more teaching courses and working with clients to help them plan their retirement and get a handle on their finances.

In 2020, Pat and I made the decision to truly become business owners and go the independent financial advisor route.

I made the change because I want to have full control over the advice and recommendations that I make to my clients and to be sure that advice is in their best interests. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to help my clients pursue their financial goals and the trust they have placed in me since 2009. I look forward to being their trusted advisor for many years to come!

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