Meet Financial Advisor Darin Pilacinski

Darin has a passion for helping others and working one-on-one with individuals, couples and families to pursue their financial goals.

He has been an advocate for fiduciary advice, where the client’s best interest is paramount. With over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, he has a broad range of knowledge and experience providing financial advice to others. He has worked with hundreds of individuals and families over his career specializing in retirement planning, college planning, and managing multi-generational wealth.

Darin works diligently to earn the trust and confidence of his clients by providing ethical and detailed ongoing advice.

Specialties: Successfully completed the Series 6, 7, 24, 55, and 66 licenses administered by FINRA. Securities registrations are currently held with LPL.

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A More Personal Journey.

My childhood memories were happy ones growing up in Minneapolis.  I had caring and loving parents that wanted the best for our family.  My parents were young when they started our family and we lived very modestly.  I saw my mother work multiple jobs, supporting my father through graduate school at the U of M.  Money was scarce, especially early in my childhood, but I never felt like we were struggling.

My father successfully completed his doctorate degree and became a successful and respected microbiologist throughout his career.  Mom eventually was able to stop working to be at home to raise me, my younger sister, and younger brother.  I remember how much we enjoyed having mom at home after school.  She would have home-made cookies ready for us and helped us with our homework before dad came home from dinner.  Dad’s successful career allowed our family to eventually own a cabin and the means to financially support me through my college years.

I met my wife, Beth, at college and we married and started a family immediately after college.  We supported our family on modest incomes: Beth as a grocery sales rep and me as a high school teacher.  We were raising our two active and loving daughters during these years:  Samantha and Maggie.  Similar to my childhood, money was tight; it forced us to learn how to budget our money quickly.  As our family grew, Beth and I decided that I should consider a different career that would allow Beth to be at home to raise our kids just as my mother and father were able to do when I was younger.

In 1996, I started a new career in the financial industry.

I found a new passion as a financial specialist at American Express Financial Advisors and knew after just a few months that this was the industry that I would build a career around.  I studied and worked hard to learn all I could about the different products and services offered within the firms I worked for.  

My first role was a product specialist, providing advisors with important investment product information as they created investment plans for their clients. Over the next several years, I shifted companies and shifted roles, eventually working for ING/Voya as a services manager and then as a chief operations officer of a financial firm in St. Paul.  The rise in responsibilities and roles provided me the income to allow Beth to stay home and raise our family of four, including our two new boys:  Billy and Jimmy.

As my career evolved, I had a desire to help others meet their financial goals.  In 2006, I left my position as COO and started the first branch in Minnesota of The Mutual Fund Store, a national fiduciary financial advisory firm.  Over the next 13 years, the name of the company I worked for changed, but my focus always remained on my clients.  I never took for granted the trust and confidence that they put in me as their personal advisor.

In 2019, I became an independent financial advisor, opening my new firm, True Vision Financial Advisors.

I made the change because of the trust that my clients place in me over the years and the desire to be in full control of the advice and recommendations that I felt was best for them. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to help my clients pursue their financial goals and the trust they have placed with me since 2006. I look forward to being their trusted advisor for many years to come!

Specialties: True Vision Financial Advisor Minneapolis-St. Paul | Series 66, Series 7, and Series 63 registration held through LPL Financial and True Vision MN, LLC

Ready to work with a trusted advisor? Give Darin a call today: (612) 256-2208